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  1. Welcome to HSE Connection Point Blog.

    For members only.

    This is a room created for HSE Job posts and HSE related information sharing.

    Use this blog to post any HSE related questions and please participate in the discussions and give your opinions as you can. Also post any accidents or any Safety related articles.

    Please obey the rules of the room or you would have to be removed.

    HSE Connection point is a group of diverse safety professionals from different parts of the world with over 1000 years of combined experience.

    Code of conduct of the groups Blog.

    Please refrain from sending any texts, images, videos or recordings of things which are offensive or disrespectful to others.
    No vulgar language or hate speach or sexist or racial discrimination, or speaking negatively about other religions.
    This is also not a political forum and should stay neutral in these matters.

    Please respect each other within the room and use it for its purpose it was intended for , HSE.

    Please note if you do not adhere to these rules we would have to enforce disciplinary action from our code of conduct.

    Welcome to HSE Connection Point Blog the future looks brighter and smarter with us!

    Kind regards

    Fabian Buckley
    HSE Connection Point

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